Want A Live-Action Frozen Movie? Your Wish Is Granted…Kinda Sorta Maybe Not…

It was only a matter of time, right? After all, Frozen is one of Disney’s biggest franchises. Given the trend in recent years, it only made sense that we’d be getting to see Elsa and Anna in live-action form, right? Sure, we’ve seen them pop up in shows like Once Upon a Time and even in the Broadway show, but an honest live-action adaptation seemed inevitable. This seemed especially true given Disney’s tendency to transliterate the live-action movies from their animated counterparts.

Well, put away your Olaf hoodie, because this news may not be the stuff you were hoping for. According to The Disinsider, Disney is taking a different approach. Rather than try to adapt the existing Frozen property, they will be taking the original Snow Queen story and adapt that for live-action. This is similar to how they were apparently developing a live-action Rapunzel story, which will not be a riff on Tangled in any way. 

The outlet states the project is in early development and is expected to act as a theatrical release for the studio.

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This, I think, is a great move from the studio. If you’ve been following the site, you may know how I feel about their live-action films. Annoyingly, I actually like most of them — but I HATE the fact that so many are almost one-to-one transliterations of their animated counterparts. What’s the point of making a live-action adaptation if you’re not going to make some substantive changes that take advantage of the medium?

I also dislike the implications that in making a live-action version, they are attempting to make a “definitive” version. It seems to hint at this idea that live-action is more definitive than animation, which I don’t think it is.

So, with this Snow Queen situation, I think it’s a good move. It allows them to legitimately give us a new take on the same story. Of course, we don’t know what this means for the adaptation. Will they be adapting it completely from scratch or will they actually be taking in some Frozen elements to make it more palatable for mainstream audiences? Only time will tell.

How do you feel about Disney not directly adapting Frozen for live-action? Let us know your thoughts down below!

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SOURCE: The Disinsider

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