Star Wars: The Bad Batch – More Evidence Supporting A Live-Action Rebels Sequel?

This week Lucasfilm announced an animated series called The Bad Batch. However, this article is about what we think will be a live-action Rebels sequel. You see we here at LRM have a source at Lucasfilm that we trust. That source has revealed to us exclusively that several new Dave Filoni led live-action series are coming to Disney+

The live-action series we have been told about were described to us as being as if Game of Thrones had a different show for each of their many ‘families’. The shows we were told about are as follows. The Mandalorian (duh), Ahsoka Tano led show, a Boba Fett show, and Ezra Bridger/Thrawn show, and a show featuring an as yet unnamed character. The general idea is that these shows will all connect with one another and advance the overall story of this period. The Obi-Wan and Cassian Andor shows are instead standalone stories, not particularly connect to the Filoni led shows.

Until we hear something official, these are just rumors, but we trust our source on this. The initial report we published said that these shows would all be announced at Star Wars Celebration. In addition this would be along with details of Hayden Christensen appearing in the Obi-Wan show. Of course, Celebration is now cancelled, so we genuinely don’t know when this information is being revealed. (We are trying to find out though.) Feel free to check on that initial report from LRM in the related section below

So what’s any of this got to do with The Bad Batch?

Press F to Doubt!

When we first broke the story of the new live-action shows, we got a lot of come back from fans. Essentially, were not a reliable source to a lot of the Star Wars leaks community. We were told that more reliable sources had indicated a sequel to The Clone Wars and Rebels was coming, but it was going to be animated. It takes time for LRM to be considered a credible source, so we totally accept that part of the process. These rumors need to actually happen at some point before people will believe we have a good source. However, the logic that our source cannot be correct because other sources had confirmed there was a new animated show coming? Well, that’s out the window isn’t it?

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The Bad Batch IS this rumoured animated series. The Bad Batch could not be considered a sequel to The Clone Wars or Rebels. The main characters of those aforementioned shows will not feature in The Bad Batch (far as we can tell). Dave Filoni only seems to be vaguely involved in also, he is not showrunner. Again, this matches up with what our source told us. Dave Filoni would be show running these other interconnected live-action shows set post-ROTJ. That means that the story of Ahoska, Ezra, Thrawn that was left on a cliff-hanger at the end of Rebels is carrying on in these live-action shows. Of course, from what our source says, this is not just one show that deals in this timeline.

What Our Source Has Told Us So Far

Just to reiterate a few things from LRM‘s source at Lucasfilm. In addition to these new Disney+ shows, we were also told Hayden Christensen was in talks to reprise his role as Anakin Skywalker in the Obi-Wan Kenobi show. LRM were also told that Taiki Waititi’s Star Wars movie is scheduled for a 2024 release. Still on the movies front we were told the next movies planned after Waititi’s Star Wars would be Rian Johnson’s trilogy. Finally, this week our source told us that Hayden Christensen is no longer in talks with Lucasfilm, he’s on board and in in a larger role than first anticipated.

However, even without our exclusive information, I would still be guessing about a live-action Rebels sequel. I would have guessed one sequel show rather than several. But, we know Rosario Dawson is going to be Ahsoka in The Mandalorian Season 2. We have also heard about other Rebels characters showing up in Mando Season 2. There was rumor of an Ahsoka led show spinning off The Mandalorian before we even spoke to our source. It’s for all these reason why I am confident in saying that a conclusion to that Rebels story is coming, and it’s not going to be animated.

Do you think The Bad Batch was the rumoured animated show? Do you think this is more evidence of a live-action Rebels sequel, or several going by our information? Leave your thoughts below in the usual place.

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