Showtime’s Halo Show Spends Over $40M On Hungary Shoot

Showtime’s Halo Show seems to have a fairly big budget. Read on for more details.

I keep forgetting that there is really a Halo TV show coming. The show is FINALLY being made by Showtime, but we have not heard any news in a long time. Now, a new report from Variety about the Hungarian film industry (restarting) has caught my attention. The trade talks about how Hungary is opening back up for film production and mentions all the shows currently filming there.

It turns out that Showtime has spent over $40M on Halo so far. That’s also just for the Hungarian part of this shoot, therefore any additional expenses might not be covered here. All in all, what this tells us is that Halo has a large budget. The only production to spend more than Halo in Hungary so far was Emmy Award winner The Alienist: Angel of Darkness, which has some top cast names like Daniel Bruhl, Luke Evans and Dakota Fanning.

As far as we know now, Showtime’s Halo will be a nine episode season. One assumes that a season 2 may depend on the popularity of the first season. The show is set to follow Halo‘s main characters Master Chief and his AI Cortana. The rumblings are that this show will be part of the official games canon and fil in more details not covered within the games themselves yet. Halo absolutely has the potential for a great franchise on screen, the story presented within the games leads itself to the visual medium. Plus, the novels I have read that currently fill in the gaps are excellent for the most part.

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Personally I hope Season 1 of Halo is covering the events from the novel ‘The Fall of Reach’. This story has multiple timelines exploring both Master Chief in the middle of a war for Humanity, as well as his youth. As a child Master Chief, aka John was kidnapped by a morally dubious scientist. This scientist experimented illegally on children to turn them into super soldiers, though many children died during the process. That dark history to the Spartan program is part of what gives Halo its charm for me.

Halo‘s release date is vaguely set for 2021. We have no idea whether to expect Halo at the beginning of the year or the end. We have also not heard almost any kinds of spy reports or leaks for Halo, so the production has somehow managed to slip under the radar.

Are you excited for Showtime’s Halo show? Leave your thoughts below as always

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SOURCE: Variety

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