Mulan And Tenet Could Get Pushed To September

Mulan and Tenet could face another delay…or more.

We just keep kicking that rock down the road. While many of us had hoped that the summer would bring with it the decline of COVID, in the U.S., the pandemic still remains at-large. In fact, some states are showing their most largest number of fresh cases to date. With that in mind, the prospect of actually reopening theaters any time soon seems like wishful thinking. While July has emptied of its theatrical releases, we now look to August to see what the future holds for big projects like Mulan and Tenet

For the time being, Tenet is set for an August 12 release date and Mulan for August 21. But is it possible they will be moved yet another date? Perhaps in another week, we’ll know for sure. According to Deadline, the studios will reassess their releases after July 4. At that point, they will decide if Mulan and Tenet — among their other releases — will receive another two-week delay.

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This could push Mulan into September, and if another such delay hits, Tenet could also join the month of September. This would but them in striking distance of Wonder Woman 1984, and if it gets too close, I’m sure Warner Bros. would have to push that DC film back. Unfortunately, as time goes on and COVID-19 data makes itself known, I find it less and less likely we’ll see theaters opening back up until deep into the fall.

The approach studios are taking here does make sense though. Why bother pushing films back too far when we still don’t know how things will ultimately shake out on the pandemic front? As such, it’s no surprise that one marketing boss said, “These release dates are as firm as Jell-O.”

In other words, keep your ear to the ground. This isn’t the last you’ve heard of film delays. Not by a long shot.

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SOURCE: The Hill, Deadline

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