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The Justice League Snyder Cut! We’ve all heard about it, seen the hashtags, the petitions, and the endless debate about this for years. When Justice League was finished by Joss Whedon after Zack Snyder left, or was pushed, the fans were not happy. This unhappiness has been compounded by the fact that Snyder himself keeps sharing teases of what might have been. Not only Snyder, but the cast has consistently been waving the #releasethesnydercut flag whenever possible.

Honestly, most of us here at LRM thought the Justice League Snyder Cut would never see the light of day. However, is there a glimmer of hope for the fans of Zack Snyder? According to scooper Jeremy Conrad from his DCEU Mythic outlet, the Snyder Cut of Justice League will appear on HBO Max. HBO Max is HBO’s new streaming service and they have already announced all the DCEU movies will appear on that platform. The rumor is, that Zack Snyder will announce the movie tonight at the end of his Man of Steel Watch Party event. Now, even the most ardent fan doesn’t think WB has spent money to finish the shots, so a Snyder Cut would likely have incomplete effects. However, again, this is just a rumor, and I guess we will know more later today.

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This Snydercut speculation has led some fans to see patterns that might not be there, which of course is Human nature. A billboard advertising HBO Max has caught fans’ attention as it features Justice League and the familiar shot of the cast. To be honest, there is no guaranteed connection between these two events. If HBO Max is using the fact they have all the DCEU movies as a selling tool, then this billboard makes sense on its own. Saying that, there does seem to be a buzz about the Snyder Cut being announced today, and I admit it would be a great marketing tool for HBO.

Unfortunately, if Snyder does not make any announcement tonight, then fans will feel let down. Really, I wouldn’t get my hopes up yet if you are a fan, yet. If Snyder does announce something, then it’s a win/win. If instead no announcement comes, then it’s really just a continuation of the status quo. After all, there was never any guarantee that WB would shift their stance on Justice League. Well, maybe just a fool’s hope. But you never, know, sometimes good things do happen that no one expects?

What do you think of this latest Justice League Snyder Cut rumor? Any fans tentatively hopeful that an announcement will come today from Zack Snyder? Leave your thoughts below in the usual spot.

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