JUNGLEPUSSY – State Of The Union lyrics

You think you poppin’ cause your new chick low maintenance
Yeah you can’t handle it and I don’t have the patience
Your stroke was weak nigga
Pacin’ in the n*gger, don’t be playin’ with the n*gger
They waiting for Junglepussy
I was playin’ with myself, prayin’ for vacation
On the top shelf, prayin on caucasian?
Rather rise above than to lay back complacin’
You think you up next but bitch I’m adjacent
[?] turn on me that’s a fact then I faced it
Pregnant with success, friends don’t want you to make it
Steady searchin’ for the truth, I don’t gotta chase it
I wish we never met but I cannot erase it
Layin’ in the hammock
Lie with my [?]
Keep it caribbean when you kick it with my crew
Keep your bloodclot ma quiet I do not f*ck with you
Keep the team on my hip and we stickier than glue
My birthday Halloween so I’m freakier than you
Eatin’ jerk chicken while I’m finessin in the booth
We play the same sport, I don’t smell like you
Get in the same cheese, I don’t melt like you
You cute and all but the combo’s whack
What’s good with that ain’t cool with that
No I can’t relax, no I can’t relapse
Lemme bounce back, where my soldiers at?
With they shoulders back, whatchu lookin at?
No cook crack with that black girl magic
I’m smokin’ Spike Lee joint she just gotta have it
Everybody wanna be black it’s so tragic
Everytime I wear clothes I’m stoppin’ traffic
Everybody here knows I am the baddest
Don’t worry where my hair grow, n*gger the fattest
My nookie my ass tits, I’m never average
Out the f*cking window your career in a casket
Imma hard [?] fried chicken got my eyes low
These bitches so greasy, that’s why I don’t never follow
Style f*ckin’ dated like I’m starin’ at a dino-
Soaring like a spaceship I’m just faded out the front door

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