Blood – Tumor Lyrics

Something comes, something goes-
It’s all the same every time
You can see, how silly the people are-
They see and buy the next moment

One man states – all men skate
One wear sunglasses – all wear sunglasses
They jumps on every train
They ever swim with the current

Hear the music all hear is good for you, than you can join in the conversation and you are the big boss of cotery
Hear the music no one hears is bad for you, than you can’t talk with anyone abou this theme and no one will talk with you!

Carry your individual habit to all your friends and as many other people as possible gives you the satisfaction of yourself

Speak as a parrot, lose your individuality – man, you are scum
Your doing is programmed by the society – man you are nothing
No contrast to all others to be yourself – man you are shit
Things, that happen to you, happens to all – man you are TUMOR


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